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This password reset utility tool uses simple navigaion and extreme innovation in product usage. For more details click the link read more and say open from current location.
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RECRUIting Service

The Recruiting Services practice of LAKSHAYA provides End-Clients and IT Service Vendors, small and large, with a “plug-in and plug-out” outsourced service to strengthen their recruiting functions. The features of various levels of strategic programs offered in this practice include:

  • Outsourced function strengthens, augments or replaces your in-house recruiting function and efforts. Designed to maximize efficiency and performance of your in-house recruiting efforts
  • Delivers best-fit, evaluated and rated candidates or resumes for your in-house and your client requirements.
  • Reduces the risks and difficulties in using intermediate vendors (layers).
  • Multiple service levels to choose from, catering to varying requirements volume of individual clients.
  • Provides you with increased market reach; address more client requirements, focus on meeting client needs and add more clients.
  • Enables you to diversify into other market segments - technology domains and industry verticals.
  • Enables you to focus on performance of high-end tasks such as manage, motivate and follow-up with candidates and employees.
  • Helps you to consolidate your client base and/or resource base and defend against competition.
  • Helps you to reduce costs of direct hires and increase revenues and margins from placements. Also, helps reduce turnaround time for returns.
  • Enables increased control over recruiting and placement process by providing direct access to candidates and their vendors.
  • Expands current and future billing opportunities from candidates sourced through LAKSHAYA.
  • Helps to better retain candidates due to your moving up the value chain with your clients.
Helps to better retain your sales and recruiting staff as their individual performance levels will improve when supported by our services and hence increase their earnings and motivation.


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