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This password reset utility tool uses simple navigaion and extreme innovation in product usage. For more details click the link read more and say open from current location.
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Management Team

The Lakshaya management is a motivated and results-driven entrepreneurial team. They bring a wealth of diverse skills. significant experience and ideas, innovative concepts and business strategies that are the very foundations for LAKSHAYA. They have been instrumental in building teams and motivating them to perform, growing sales revenues by multi million-dollar levels, enhancing profits, implementing cost control initiatives and developing new products during past associations.

Lakshaya leadership exude willingness and ability to draw the vision from their people and inspire and empower those people to do what it takes to bring the vision into reality. They nurture and encourage their people to be open, creative, and innovative and find what it takes to achieve their shared objectives.

Lakshaya in the last few years puts its experience in Data warehousing field in the government and private sector. We understand the wealth of the organization is its data and utilizes our skills not to only store it but also being usefull to other management putting together excellent decision support systems. We have saved multi million dollars to the organizations we had worked for by designing supportive reports for taking right decision at right time using our skills and excellent creativity.





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