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The Placement Services practice of LAKSHAYA offers placement (sales) and marketing services to small to mid level IT Consulting Services companies. These companies typically employ a pool of IT consultants and offer the services of their consultants in IT projects, on subcontract, through other larger IT Consulting Services firms.

With limited access to large Tier 1 vendors, these companies find themselves going through one or more layers to achieve placements. LAKSHAYA’s placement service gives them the opportunity to use the spread and reach of LAKSHAYA’s marketing in offering the services of their consultants directly to Tier 1 vendors. LAKSHAYA provides this service to these companies (as Strategic Partners) on the basis of a fixed retainer plus commissions on performance.

The LAKSHAYA Value Addition

The success of any Sales effort in the business of contract placements lies in the ability to reach out to, identify and find the right opportunity for each candidate. In most small to mid level IT consulting services companies this success is achieved through or limited by their network of larger IT service providers who subcontract the services of their employees. The resulting multiple “layers” diminish the profitability, efficiency and reliability of each hire. Opportunities are often lost as most Tier 1 vendors these days show a marked preference for subcontracting from companies who are direct employers of candidates, while these employers do not have sufficient direct access to these large vendors.

LAKSHAYA through its placement services subdivision acts as the sales and marketing arm of small to mid level IT consulting services firms interested in placing their employees with large preferred vendors of clients on a subcontractor basis. The result, smaller companies now have direct access to a large number of Tier 1 vendors and can sign up directly with these companies expanding their reach and placements while maximizing profitability.

How does it work?

LAKSHAYA, as a strategic partner, will directly market your consultants to our Tier1 / preferred vendor base. Our clients contact us directly with their list of open requirements. When a candidate has been presented for a specific position, LAKSHAYA will assist in the process of signing up an agreement between our client and your company and further coordinate and follow-up with our clients on interviews, selection and closing for the candidates presented. Once confirmed, LAKSHAYA will coordinate arrangements to have the consultants report to the project. You will directly bill the client and follow-up with on payments. However, LAKSHAYA will continue to be your marketing, sales and account management interface with the clients introduced by us.

Bottom line, LAKSHAYA does not add its commission to the billing rate of these consultants which means that there is no “layer” here to eat into profits and more control over the hiring process.

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